Fall Semester 2018 Course Survey Information

Beginning with Fall Semester 2018—and for almost all courses—the current paper version of the Course Survey will be replaced with an online Qualtrics survey tool delivered through Canvas.

The Qualtrics platform will be used to capture all survey data.

NOTE: For the 2,700 students we've identified who are not in at least one course published in Canvas this fall, we have created a shell course in Canvas for their class and enrolled them in it.

Those 2,700 students received an email on Monday, Nov 26, with instructions on how to login to that Canvas shell course to take the fall course survey.

The survey will be available November 26th — December 14th.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.



Instructors NEED NOT copy and paste a link or do any other task in order to activate the survey.

View Survey Questions

Blank Survey Form

How to Access Results

Fall semester results will be available on this website by mid-January and the displayed format will be very similar to the current output.

To access your survey results, click the RESULTS TAB on the main menu bar at top.

Instructors will be able to generate, save, and print PDFs by using the Print to PDF function on your PC (...or Export as PDF on a Mac).

NOTE: Accessing legacy Information dating back to 2011 will be supported through the RESULTS TAB as well. Please note that a gap occurred during the Spring 2016 semester making data from that period unavailable.

Going Forward

After Fall Semester 2018, paper versions of the Course Survey will not be used.

The survey may be taken either in or outside of class during the designated time-period that the survey tool is active.

NOTE: For course surveys assigned to be completed outside of class, please inform students that it need not be completed in one sitting; that their work may be saved and returned to at a later time.

If the survey is to be taken during a scheduled class period, inform them they will need to bring a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.