About Student Course Surveys


Each semester, instructors (both online and face-to-face/hybrid modalities) are required to conduct at least one student survey for every course they teach using the online Course Survey Tool administered by the University via Canvas.

NOTE: This site is accessible to all members of the University community; instructors and students alike may view the results of any survey published here. Currently, survey results prior to Fall 2019 are posted (comments are omitted) on the Course Survey website. Surveys administered Fall 2019 and later are accessed through Canvas in the SmartEvals Dashboard.

View Accessing Course Survey Results


This survey is designed to provide instructors with valuable feedback and is to be used for course improvement. In addition, it is designed to provide students with information with which to make informed decisions on future course choices.

These will not include students' written comments, however: those are reserved for private viewing by each course's instructor or, if department code allows, designated department representatives.

Completing the Survey

The survey may be taken either in or outside of class during the designated time-period that the survey tool is active.

NOTE: For course surveys assigned to be completed outside of class, please inform your students that they need not complete it in one sitting; they may save their work and return to it at a later time.

If the survey is to be taken during a scheduled class period, inform them that they will need to bring a cell phone, tablet, or laptop.